Single Session

Are you a writer, actor or screen creative struggling to complete your project? Perhaps you are stuck on a character that refuses to come to life. In a 1 hour session you will access tools that will transform you story.

Suitable for:

  • anyone keen to deepen the scope of an idea or project
  • creatives stuck on one aspect: characters, relationships between characters, narrative arc
  • those keen to drill into themes of a project
  • Artists with some insight of their individual creative process
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Block of 4

Are you a writer, actor or screen creative ready to take your projects or character to the next level? In a bespoke 4 x 1 hour session you will overcome creative blocks, refine and transform your work.

Must have participated in one Individual Session.

Suitable for :

  • writers who are up for a challenge
  • those seeking to deepen into their process and project
  • creatives with a more established draft
  • writers keen on understanding alternative narrative structures
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Choose from two inclusive workshops to experientially explore and deepen projects. One or both will elevate both you and your story to a new level.

Suitable for:

  • professional writer’s rooms
  • a team of writers working on one project
  • individuals seeking depth for their project
  • those at any stage of their writing process (you don’t need to have a draft, just an idea will do).
  • Actor’s keen to embody a character
  • Directors wanting to learn to work experientially
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My creative process

Anyone who creates art has stood at the threshold between worlds and gazed into the space where story and archetype reside. How to lure story from this realm on to the page without getting in our own way is the work of any artist.

But sometimes we get stuck. Sometimes we drop the lure.

If there is any time in history the world needs new ways of telling stories, it is now. Whether it be workshops, individual sessions, or a four week plan I am dedicated to ensuring all stories make their way out into the world, not just a particular kind like the Hero’s Journey. If you want to understand this a bit more, read more here and here.

I support clients to access a deeply embodied space, that is in service to their story, so that they can peer down into the space between their lines, below the bedrock, and access the story that wants to be told.

With each client we will co-create a session, workshop of series of sessions that combine psychotherapy, alternative narrative arcs, my bespoke Creative Constellations, to unlock your creativity and transform your creative process and sometimes, your inner life as well.

What is a Creative Constellation Session?

Derived from Systemic Family Constellation Therapy by Bert Hellinger, Creative Constellations is a profound method that acts in service to the story that needs to be told. By addressing what is holding the story back, the process brings characters, themes, interconnectivity from the unconscious to the writer’s consciousness. This method is experiential rather than talk-based. Creative Constellations are derived from a therapy modality called Systemic Family Constellation Therapy developed by German psychologist, Bert Hellinger. It is gentle and profound way to bring healing to situations that hold us back, to heal from grief, pain or illness. It’s less talk, more experience. read more here.

How It Works

In a Creative Constellation workshop a participant/s selects someone (or object) to represent an element of their story or process. This could be characters, themes, or even themselves. This is an embodied process. The ‘representatives’ can and interact with one another in a guided, safely contained process.

This unique approach is not narrative therapy in that it creates a dynamic, living exploration of your creative work. It is deeply transformative and offers insights that were previously out of the awareness of the client.

What others say?

“I attended Kimberley’s group creative constellation. Kimberley put a representative in place of me as writer, and one for the character I was struggling with. I watched in awe as my protagonist came to life in a way that felt visceral. It was enormously helpful. Whether you be writer or actor, I can’t recommend Kimberley’s embodied process enough.”

– Poppy

“I am a director wanting to work on a project I’m in the middle of. Kimberley chose to work in my place of ‘stuckness’ which surprised me. But what an insightful choice. I could step back and watch what wanted to come to be, literally emerge in front of me. And I healed a part of my past that has shifted my entire life. You can’t explain this kind of process. Just go do it.”

– Ben

“I’m an actor and and writer and this workshop changed me. Firstly, how is the heroine’s journey not more widely know? Kimberley put an element of the heroine into my own constellation and seeing this blueprinted over my characters and writing, literally transformed the my work. Every creative should do this!”

– Sophia