Kimberley Lorin

Kimberley is a writer, director with a longstanding fascination with the human condition. She holds an MA Professional Screen Writing, a BA Theatre.

In 2022 Kimberley founded The Heroines, a collective of filmmakers supporting one another and combatting the growing cottage industry of talented women who struggle to get paid for their work.

Kimberley’s screenplay, Elsewhereawarded her a placement in the Screenworks, Write from Home Initiative (in conjunction with Australian International Screen Forum). She is developing a writer-led collaborative feature film, Refugeand hopes to work with underrepresented voices in Australia today.

In 2020, she was shortlisted for the Byron Bay Writer’s Festival Restart Residential Retreat for her debut novel, The Lost House and in 2020, was awarded a residency at Byron Bay Writer’s festival for the same piece of work. In 2019 Kimberley was a recipient of Inside the Writer’s Room (Screenworks) and completed a series of audio documentaries on traumatised youth in the education system.

In film and television Kimberley was a co-producer on the flagship Australian Broadcasting Commission’s television panel show, QANDA, and co-development writer and development producer on Well Founded Fear (feature documentary for SBS TV Australia). She co-wrote and directed Pieces of Me (ABC TV). Prior to this she was director and co-writer of Hassan and the Djinn (ABC Radio National’s then Radio Eye Programme) and worked on Star Wars the Phantom Menace as Asset and Logistics co-ordinator. She wrote and directed her first short film about sexual harassment in the NSW Police Force twenty years ago, which re-aired recently on ARTE, France.

A child of a refugee, Kimberley absorbed her formidable Lithuanian grandmother’s stories – a woman who never felt she belonged and who yearned to return to her occupied homeland. Kimberley has trained as a psychotherapist and this embodied practice compliments her creative life that revolves around the themes of belonging. She lives in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia and straddles her creative work with her private psychotherapy practice.