Q and A

TV Show

A panel of experts and politicians answer questions from the live studio audience and from viewers.
Role: Co-Producer, series I.

Pieces of Me by Kimberley Lipschus

Pieces of Me


Three sisters discover they all carry the BRCA II gene. As the eldest prepares fro pre-emptive double prophylactic mastectomy, both younger siblings must make a life-changing decision.
Role: Co-writer, director, camera


A Well Founded Fear


A Well-Founded Fear follows Phil Glendenning on a quest around the world to find the refugees Australia rejected. Was their fear well founded?
Screened internationally and on SBS 2008.
Role: conceived idea, development co-writer and development co-producer.

Shanghai-ed to Bourke by Kimberley Lipschus

Shanghai-ed to Bourke

Short drama

A female police officer acts on a whim and tells a film crew about her sexual harassment. Based on a true story this short was sold to ARTE and rescreened in France recently, this short film still holds relevance in the post #Metoo movement.

Role: Writer, director, producer